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Posted on Tuesday, January 17 at 13:01 by Jesse
Due to continued and widespread abuse, I have disabled posting of comments by anonymous users. There were a great many warnings, but the sheer volume of off-topic, duplicate, insulting, plagiarised, or just plain incoherent posts finally hit the breaking point. I am still working on the new code for vive, which will hopefully allow me to open things up again when it goes live. But if I spend all of my time deleting duplicate or spam posts, then I have no time to work on the code. There will be complaints; I'll do my best to address them all. If you have not yet registered, it's fast, free, and secure, and you get free access to the entire site. Thank you for your understanding, I'll keep you all posted as the new code progresses. [Edit: moved this from my comment below to here. -jesse ] A nice side effect is that the server will no longer be quite so hammered, and should save me some money for bandwidth each month. It's as good a time as any to mention that your donations keep me from paying that $30/month(!!) bandwidth bill out of my own pocket, so if you support vive and would like to see it continue to improve, you might consider making a small donation. Thank you. :)

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