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Posted on Thursday, September 08 at 09:04 by sthompson
The data deals with people looking for relatives; this is a huge problem now, especially where children are involved. Families have been torn apart, and many people don't know where their loved ones are. The goal of PeopleFinder is to create a large database for people to search. For this, they need as many volunteers as they can get. The first thing to know is that you do NOT need to be a computer expert to do this. If you can fill out a form (and we've all filled online forms at some point) you can help. It also doesn't require an ongoing commitment. An hour or two will help, and you can come back as often as you want. The instructions on the page as very clear, very easy to follow. So I just wanted to get the word out on this project, in case anyone is interested and has time. We all spend some time online, and know our way around computers (to varying degrees), so it's one more possibility, another way to help. And if some of you do have knowledge of programming, the project is looking for that kind of help too. I'll let you all know how it goes; please feel free to ask any questions about this. In Peace, Marisa


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