Remembrance Day About War In The Present As Well As The Past

Posted on Friday, November 11 at 09:21 by Jesse
"With our military help, a tiny band of violent rebels was able to remove from power the democratically elected President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and his entire government. We then handpicked a new puppet regime which immediately went to work on a campaign of repression against Haiti's disenfranchised poor population-the support base for Aristide and his Lavalas party. The result of our meddling has been what UN official Thierry Fagart recently called a "human rights catastrophe." A rogue Haitian police force trained by the RCMP has been on a rampage against Lavalas supporters; uncounted thousands have been killed; more than 1,000 political prisoners rot in jail without charge." (source: ) If you would like Canada to withdraw our troops and restore democracy to Haiti, some good starting points are: Out of Haiti: Halifax Peace Coalition: The HAlifax Peace Coalition is staging protests in the near future, please visit their site for more details on how you can help. Remembrance Day is about Peace; let's end Canada's meddling in Haiti!

Note: http://www.ottawaxpress... http://hfxpeace.chebuct...

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