Open Letter - Re: Ignorance On The Hill?

Posted on Tuesday, February 20 at 09:26 by whelan costen
Rick Prashaw Legislative Assistant Tony Martin MP (NDP - Sault Ste. Marie) Social Policy Critic Tel: (613) 992-8851 Fax: (613) 992-1954 Here is another link with several responses from various members of Parliament, equally disheartening: Few things provoke me to write in anger these days, as I find little value in doing so. However, there is one thing that I feel deserves righteous indignation from the people of Canada, and that is public denial of those things which an elected member ought to be aware of. An elected member of a government sworn to uphold the Canadian Constitution and protect the citizenry from unlawful takeover of the nation, ought to be cognizant of a threat to the nation which has been going on for several years, through several administrations. It is paramount that it be part of those members’ awareness! This is not a criticism of the NDP in particular. However it certainly adds credence to my discovery that political parties are not capable of saving this nation. When Jack Layton, the leader of the NDP, declares, as he has, that his man ‘Julian’ has been on this job (SPP) since it began and he has not informed his MPs or they have not made it their business to understand this threat, we are in serious trouble. When Mr. Layton does not bring this matter to the media, which is at his disposal, and he does not make this ‘the election issue’ we know that we shall have to start the parade that he or others can get in front of. As many Canadians know the first Free Trade began the process of the sell out of this nation. It has continued through with NAFTA, CAFTA and the Security and Prosperity Agreement. It is supported and protected by the anti-terrorism legislation. Everything is in place to prevent the populous from standing up for themselves. Clearly the politicians are standing with their hands behind their backs not knowing what to do. There is a greater awareness in the populous today that in the House of Commons, if we can accept the letter above as an indication. Therefore I suggest that the people lead and show the politicians where we want to go. Clearly the people have no desire to serve corporate interests, or continue the erosion from middle class to serf. If this country is to be saved for the next generation, the people will have to show what intestinal fortitude looks like. The politicians seem to have lost their moral, economic, and patriotic compass! I say to the politicians of every party, prove me wrong! Take up the banner called sovereignty, freedom for all and banish the corporate personhood, the corporate rule, the secret trade deals. Stand together for the sake of this nation! Prove me wrong, I shall offer my gratitude. Prove me right and my grandchildren will write your biographies with contempt! I look forward to positive action, now. Yours truly Catherine Whelan Costen Former President Canadian Action Party 'We'd Rather Be Canadian' “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein [Editor's note - page widening link shortened 2007/02/20 DrC] [Proofreader's note: this article was edited for spelling and typos on February 21, 2007]

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