Granatstein's Immigration Views Cause Some Unease

Posted on Monday, November 07 at 11:29 by jensonj
"Foreign policy is not about loving everyone or even helping everyone," said Jack Granatstein. "Our foreign policy must be based on what is important to Canadians as a whole, not to Canadians wearing only their old country, ethnicity, religious hat. Anything else is a recipe for fragmentation, division and discord." Through immigration policy, legal controls, education in the public school system and greater awareness about the Canadian way of life in ethnic newspapers and from cultural leaders, the goal should be to equip newcomers with an essential understanding of the nation, he said. As a result, immigrants will learn to accept that solving a crisis or paying attention to an issue in their homeland might not serve Canada's national interest, and therefore not become a federal priority. "We need foreign policy of the head, not the heart," he says.

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