The Next Rwanda? Sudan's Neglected Nightmare

Posted on Sunday, June 06 at 09:38 by Jesse
Prisoner abuse scandals pale in comparrison to the outright apathy being shown by the "free world" towards Sudan. By no means should ANY act of disgusting violence committed by ANY government be tolerated. Tommorow is the 60th anniversery of D-Day. A battle fought so that my generation would never have to hang our heads and say, "Never again." Although I was young at the time, I do remember Rwanda, and I feel shame at my country and the world at large for not doing enough. Not one nation, but all nations failed humanity in those hundred days of slaughter.

Now, however I fear that I will soon be hanging my head in shame, like so many before me. But I wonder this time if there is even a point. I question whether or not there is decency left in the world to do something to stop this situation before it becomes another book, another dark chapter for later generations to look at and to, somehow, try and answer the question of why this happened? How this happened? I'd like to say never again, but I'd much rather mean it.

The Next Rwanda? (Globe and Mail article)

Note: The Next Rwanda? (Globe...

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