Pressure To Export Water To U.S. Could Grow

Posted on Monday, January 02 at 14:40 by jensonj
"It doesn't make any sense to me." It was as close as any high-profile American has come recently to saying what many Canadians have long suspected - Washington wants our water. Officially, the U.S. government says it's not interested in Canadian water. But many believe the issue will soon break into the open. Maclean's magazine recently ran a cover story arguing that Canada should sell its water "before they take it." "This country is in a position to provide a solution that would yield enormous economic and humanitarian benefits for the entire continent, even the world," the magazine wrote. Such viewpoints don't sit well with Peter Lougheed, the former premier of Alberta. In a recent speech to the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, Lougheed called for an all-party declaration in the House of Commons confirming Canada's refusal to allow large-scale water transfers to its southern neighbour. "We should not export our fresh water - we need it and we should conserve it," Lougheed said. "And we should communicate to the United States very quickly how firm we are about it." [Proofreader's note: this article was edited for spelling and typos on January 2, 2006]


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