Martin Luther King Day

Posted on Monday, January 16 at 11:18 by Bee
Queries on every variation of Dr. King's name lead the way, and interest has mounted in his pictures, quotes, and speeches -- especially the legendary "I Have a Dream" speech and any video of it. Searchers have also sought out his widow Coretta Scott King, his convicted killer James Earl Ray, and background on his assassination. We've recorded surges in "civil rights" and "civil rights movement," as well as "martin luther king day 2006," "mlk holiday," and "national holidays." The swell of a thousand eighth-grade reports this week, or the power of association, perennially shine a spotlight on folks from the annals of black history and the civil rights struggle. Here's a sampling of some of the other Search spikes we've seen... Malcolm X Rosa Parks Jackie Robinson George Washington Carver Harriet Tubman Abraham Lincoln KKK Jesse Jackson Frederick Douglass Nelson Mandela Sojourner Truth Booker T. Washington Gandhi Thurgood Marshall [Proofreader's note: this article was edited for spelling and typos on January 17, 2006]

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