Statistics Canada To Hire Lockheed Staff

Posted on Tuesday, June 01 at 09:30 by Anonymous
In his open letter in response to public outcry over the contracting of Lockheed Martin to assist with the upcoming census Mr. Fellegi, Statistic Canada's Chief Statistician, stated that "Given the public concerns, we have decided to limit the scope of this contract strictly to the printing of questionnaires, the development of software and the provision of some specialized hardware. Under the new arrangement, only Statistics Canada employees will have access to completed census returns, both for the 2004 Census Test, as well as the 2006 Census. In other words, the group of Canadian companies headed by Lockheed Martin Canada will not carry out any of the operations associated with the Canadian Census - none." This statement reveals itself to be disengenuous in light of the fact that statistics Canada has decided to create staff positions within Statistics Canada reserved for Lockheed staff in order for them to carry out this work. While there would be nothing objectionable about individuals quitting their jobs at Lockheed in order to apply and compete for new positions in Statistics Canada, it is highly objectionable if these individuals are not forced to break their contracts with Lockheed and/or if these new positions are being reserved for former/existing Lockheed employees. Any newly created positions at Statictics Canada must be open to all applicants or be regarded as blatant attempts serrupticiously outsource the Census contract to Lockheed against clear public opposition.

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