Not Real Tax Fairness

Posted on Wednesday, November 22 at 13:53 by eugene
Packaged with the new income trust rules and an increase in the over-65 income tax credit as the "Tax Fairness Plan," permitting taxpayers to split their retirement incomes with their spouses or partners is, as Garth Turner put it at a Conservative conference in early October, "a down payment on the Conservative policy, adopted by party members in 2004, to move toward income splitting for all Canadian couples..."Because income splitting can only give tax breaks to those who live as couples, and because it reserves the largest tax breaks for the richest couples, it is the antithesis of "fairness" in terms of the real needs of those who live on retirement incomes." Kathleen Lahey is professor of law at Queen's University where she teaches taxation and tax policy. Real tax fairness would be no income taxes on the working class for those earning $100,000 a year or less.

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