Truth Needs No Law To Support It

Posted on Saturday, March 10 at 15:54 by Diogenes
So what is Ernst Zundel guilty of according to German prosecutors? Zundel according to Germany’s Injustice Ministry is "known internationally as a leader of the right-wing scene." Yep – that’s the best they can do. Apparently the German prosecutors haven’t been paying attention to their own leftist rhetoric, as America’s Neo-Cons are in fact the "leaders of the right-wing scene" these days, and the neo-con’s are no friends of Ernst Zundel. According to Joseph Stromberg, the Neo-Cons have been the "leaders" of the "right wing" since "mid fifties onward." Jeffrey Steinberg refers to the Neo-Cons as "leaders" of the right wing," as does Jim Lobe, who even goes so far as to refer to the neo-cons as representative of the "extreme right." George Bush is the president of the United States of America; so we could, despite appearances, call him a "leader," if we wanted to and just about every Democrat in this country refers to Bush as "right wing." So the question is, with friends and associates like this, what in the world is Ernst Zundel doing in prison then?

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