Vindication! WCB Admits Unfair Treatment Of Injured Workers

Posted on Sunday, November 05 at 12:59 by Anonymous
The WCB's will not now avoid litigation in the courts by offering crumbs to the injured workers. They are not heroes but rather wolves in sheep's clothing that are just trying to save themselves by appearing to be fair for once in their existence. The principles for a fair compensation system they present is only a basic vague document which does not offer specific legislation to change, nor does it address the lack of accountability of the WCB's to the population of Canada. Clearly when the employees of the WCB's themselves admit Injured workers are not being treated fairly, then the causes must be investigated in a comprehensive manner which will undoubtedly include a scrutinizing of all the activities of the WCB's. How could they have allowed these abuses to continue for so long, and why have they tried so hard to cover it up? We must not allow the fox to guard the henhouse by allowing them to have the only input into the changes needed to fix this obviously broken system. This will only lead to more of the same abuse, by the same people, in the same ways. The unfairness the WCB talks about is an understatement. Crimes have been committed Crimes against the Canadian people. Crimes which must not be minimized and ignored any longer. Until the legislation which permitted these crimes to flourish is changed, Injured Workers will have gained nothing. I am calling for the immediate assistance of the local police agencies and the R.C.M.P. to investigate all claims of fraud, mail fraud, culpable homicide, manipulation of medical evidence, causing further physical, and mental and emotional harm to Injured Workers, and any other crime alleged by Injured Workers to have taken place in the handling of their claim. The following points are what I believe can be the only solution to the past harm inflicted upon Injured Workers. 1. Any clause referring to any barring of action against WCB by Injured Workers must be removed. 2. Appeals of already provided information will be appealed within 45 days. There is no need to delay these cases for four months or longer as currently stated in legislation. 3. An injured worker waiting for an appeal hearing will not be cut off benefits. 4. There is no need to have in-house WCB Doctors. So far as determining disability or impairment they are not trained to do this, and act only as an instrument of denial for claims. These WCB doctors are in a conflict of interest. All treatment, and subsequent levels of disability and impairment are to be determined by professionals from the medical profession who are trained to determine these issues. The WCB should only act to determine the level of financial and other compensation based on independent reports by these professionals. 5. No matter which Province a worker became injured, he/she will be entitled to reassessments in his/her current Province of residence. The reports will be forwarded to the Province of original claim to be implemented and the original claim will pay all costs associated with the reassessment. Currently no agreement exists like this between Boards. This demand ensures our mobility rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms are not compromised and we can move freely about the country. It also ensures WCB's operate equally in medical assessments. In other words, a broken arm in B.C., is a broken arm in Ont., as is a broken arm in NL.. 6. All older claims are to be given a hearing in full, if requested by an Injured Worker, by a third party arbitrator, starting from date of injury to current date. Any witnesses for the Injured worker will be allowed and costs born by WCB. Because WCB admits we have been treated unfairly I demand our right to justice and that it be swift. The courts are the best arbitrator and the only one I trust or recommend. 7. All medical reports, company representative reports, WCB reports must be shared amongst all parties including the Injured Worker. All parties must be granted access so an Injured Worker, WCB, and company, and physicians will know and understand how the claim is progressing. Any disputes can then be swiftly appealed by either party. The Injured Worker must not be left out of the loop concerning his rehabilitation and/or treatment, and either party can act quickly to correct false or misleading information. 8. Presumption will revert to the original meaning within the WCB context. That was that an Injured Worker would be given the benefit of doubt if there is conflicting evidence concerning the claim. The above is what I call my "MUST DO" list for a fair compensation system. The Conference of Canadian Compensation Unions do not know what needs to be changed if these measures are not taken. They tell us; "We know the system and its failures best." I believe they do not, and until they have experienced the abuse and torturous treatment we have been subjected to, they will never know what is best. If they knew best they would have changed this system at least 40 years ago. It is my honest belief that the documents they present only prove they are aware of their crimes and they are looking for a scapegoat to blame for this mess. Hence they blame the Provincial government legislation for the cause. I would like to remind them that the legislation was passed at the request of WCB themselves. They are both to blame for this mess which causes untold misery and leads to the suicide of those unable to maintain their battle with WCB. And then they tell us they know!!?? They know little to nothing and it is time our voice was heard everywhere. Today I am calling on the other Unions of Canadian industry, the companies of Canada, the Provincial governments, the Provincial WCB's, and Injured Workers groups and representatives, to sit down and discuss the new era of Workers Compensation in Canada. Injured Workers have been vindicated by these recent announcements and we demand the parties involved hear our concerns. They say; "We know how to fix the problems and we think it is time to sound the alarm." I disagree because their document does not address the issues I have outlined above. It is now our time to add our voices together. I have only touched on the concerns of Injured Workers but I believe these measures to be some of the most important issues to address in our new system. The battle is won! We no longer have to convince people we have been wronged. WCB has just confirmed that fact by their document. But the war is not won. Now we must be vigilant and not let the enemy slip by in the night with little or no real change coming. This is our chance to be heard and "WE" can ensure a fair system for the next hundred years. The tide has, indeed, turned in our favour. "WE" can now hold up our heads and be proud once again. The accusations and slurs against us will be silenced. For the first time in the history of workers compensation in Canada the Injured Worker has a chance to have his/her voice heard. "WE" must take this opportunity because it may be another 100 years before we get another chance. Best Regards SuperNewf Do you know what happens when you get injured at work? Find out here.


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