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Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due
Date: Wednesday, November 22 2006

NDP MP Peter Stoffer made the motion in Parliament to have a State Funeral for the last Canadian WWI vet. It recieved unanimous consent in the house, though the Conservative Government House Leader whined that it 'was only one option among many' that they were considering, and that the Government would reluctantly support the motion.

"There were initial concerns that the Conservatives would not support the motion.
A spokesman for Veterans Affairs Minister Greg Thompson had said the Tories wouldn't say whether they would back the motion until they saw it."

The NDP also have fought for better veterans pensions, in another motion that was passed in the house, which the New Canadian Government, like its Liberal minority predecesor, is refusing to recognize.

And in Blogging Tory land does the NDP get kudos for their efforts? Nope they still slander Layton calloing him Taliban Jack and whine that the NDP stole the thunder from the Dominion Institute. Or they ignore who made the motion in the house, and they ignore the Conservatives continued reluctance over this issue.

Some folks can never just say job well done.

"The Dominion Institute first floated the idea of a state funeral for the last surviving First World War veteran, and the idea quickly gained ground through online petitions. As of today, 89,500 people had put their names on the petition. The institute had planned on forwarding the petition to the Prime Minister’s Office on Dec. 11. “Canada’s veterans are our greatest heroes and our country’s greatest volunteers. Offering a state funeral for the last Canadian veteran of the First World War is a fitting and symbolic tribute to recognize the great personal sacrifices of those who have served and who are currently serving our country,” Stoffer said in a statement."


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