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Gomery Report - Canadians shrug collective shoulders
Date: Wednesday, November 02 2005

Canadians shrug collective shoulders
By Lee-Anne Goodman

Their reactions ranged from skeptical to resigned to unconcerned, but a sampling of opinion from Canadians on Tuesday revealed few signs of fresh outrage or a bloodlust for ballot-box revenge following the release of the report into the federal sponsorship boondoggle.

A muted reaction in the immediate aftermath of the report could reflect both scandal fatigue and a deep cynicism about politics, one of the country's leading pollsters suggests.

Most Canadians have already dealt with their anger over the sponsorship scandal, Angus Reid said from Vancouver.

"The truly cathartic moment was several months ago when the proverbial shit hit the fan and all the revelations surfaced at the inquiry," Reid said from Vancouver. "It was a very emotional story, but we've already worked through many of our emotions on it."

But he noted there was also a heavy helping of cynicism at play as Canadians shrugged their collective shoulders at the report's findings, and he pointed to recent studies in the United States suggesting distrust of all politicians is at a 20-year high.

"That cynicism is here in Canada, too," he said, adding the sponsorship scandal is partly to blame. "A lot of numbers suggest Canadians feel the same way."

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