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Charest proposes opening borders to French labour
Date: Tuesday, September 18 2007

Quebec Premier Jean Charest is optimistic he can sign an unprecedented labour mobility deal with France.

"Our objective is that a French doctor, plumber, nurse or carpenter can work in Quebec and vice versa," Mr. Charest said in his closing remarks to a party meeting yesterday.

"I'm hoping that within the next year we can start up the negotiations in a formal way," Mr. Charest said during a news conference." I'd want it to be pushed along as rapidly as possible..”

Charest, who has been promoting a free-trade agreement between Canada and the European Union, proposed the idea during a meeting with French President Nicolas Sarkozy in July.

At a time when Quebec faces labour shortages with the lowest unemployment rate in 30 years, Mr. Charest argued that labour mobility will be the key to generating future economic growth in Quebec.


SOURCE: Quebec aims for pact with Paris


This is similar to the NAU ‘labour mobility.’

Would this result in France shipping its immigrant problem to Quebec?

Quebec aims for pact wi...

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