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Anger from Alberta ?
Date: Tuesday, June 29 2004

I have been listening to callers on CPAC, and the majority of them are angry. They are calling Ontario the province from hell.

I hear a lot of calls that are really proposing Alberta separation in the future. Are the majority of Albertans that upset?

What really bothers me is that I have come to the conclusion that as many as 70% of voters don't know what they are talking about. Not that many people read the paper every day, watch political channels, listen to the radio when politicians are debating issues, etc.

They simply don't have time. I have spoken to lots and lots and lots of people around my town and they are out of it. They simply don't know, and they don't even want to know.

Trying to get them to talk openly about it is next to impossible.

There is no easy fix for this, and I am discouraged by the direction we are headed. We have 5 party positions in Canada, and we are leaning farther to the right more and more, just like the US. They are, whether we like it or not, influencing our way of life.

I am still worried about the future of this country. The extremist view is not what Canadians want, but that's what they are getting. It's subtle, It's stealth, and it stinks.

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