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Gomery Inquiry Information
Date: Tuesday, April 05 2005

I just wanted to point something out to everyone. We have recieved several stories in the submission queue with links to the testimony from the Gomrey inquiry and the testimony of Jean Brault that is currently under a media blackout by order of Justice Gomrey.

Vive will not be posting any of these links, or testimony therein. Please read further for more information.

The Judicial ban is there for a reason. Everyone has a right to a fair trial, and the media ban is there to protect that right for people testifying at the inquiry. One day, the ban may be lifted, and will post the text of it. But not today.

Don't post links to it, don't post the text from it. They will be deleted. Some will cry censorship. Keep crying. Only the government can "censor" free speech, and neither Justice Gomrey nor are the government. We will follow the letter of the law in this matter.

Thanks for reading, I'll get off my soapbox now.

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