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Canada handed over patients for CIA experiments
Date: Monday, January 08 2007

Canadian victim of CIA brainwashing seeks class-action against government
Published: Sunday, January 7, 2007 | 5:23 PM ET
Canadian Press: DENE MOORE

MONTREAL (CP) - Janine Huard says she was a young mother of four with mild post-partum depression when she checked herself in for psychiatric treatment at a Montreal hospital more than five decades ago.

Huard says what happened after that still haunts her today and she will be in a federal courtroom this week seeking to launch a class-action lawsuit against the Canadian government for Cold War-era brainwashing experiments carried out on her and hundreds of other patients.

"I was a guinea pig," Huard told The Canadian Press.

On and off over more than a decade at McGill University's renowned Allan Memorial Institute, Huard says she received massive electroshocks and was fed more than 40 experimental pills a day.

Huard, who will be 79 at the end of the month, says she was drugged and subjected to so-called "depatterning," during which repetitive recordings were played in her ear for weeks on end, one of them telling her she was of no use to her family.

"I came out of there so sick that my mother had to live with me for 10 years," Huard says. "I couldn't take care of my children any more."

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