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No NATO Exercise for Cash-Strapped Navy
Date: Sunday, January 28 2007

"Canadians want a military that defends our sovereignty, {Defence analyst Steve Staples] said, so the defence minister should tell the Navy to get those ships out and "quit playing games."

Playing Games? Is this Mr. Staples suggesting it is the Navy playing games?

"Hours after CBC News aired the story, Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor said $3.5 million would be made available and the ship was ordered to sea."

Sounds more like the Conservative government is playing games here.

Earlier report:
"Afghan mission has cost $4.1B and counting"
"...the campaign has already cost the country more than $4.1 billion since 2001."

I guess Navy exercises aren't 'sexy' enough......

I have a question though. What would be the major cost of naval exercises, outside of fuel and a few shells?

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