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Throne for dictatorial BC premier
Date: Monday, March 19 2007

[Gordon Campbell's government has just passed Bill 6 which makes it legal to prevent the public from knowing the results of a Public Inquiry. There's TILMA. There's the "sale" of B.C. Rail as part of the NAFTA/NASCO SuperHighway from Mexico to Alaska. There's much, much more. But sometimes it's the smaller things which hit home, telling us things have gone terribly, drastically bad. This is one example: first, it's the loss of an essential B.C. heritage; second, this is a CanWest journalist writing in alarming terms to tell us about an overnight assault on B.C.'s legislative history, launched without warning. Bravo to Michael Smyth. - BC Mary]

Legislature: Shame on politicians if they shut down historic library

Michael Smyth
The Province March 18, 2007

The stately and historic library at the B.C. legislature is the repository of our history and a shrine to our democracy.

Now it's about to be pillaged by a bunch of shallow, greedy politicians who care only about their own comfort and ego.

The awful news that the political vultures were swooping down on the library broke Friday morning when half the librarians got their layoff notices. A couple of reporters stopping in to do some research couldn't help noticing all the crying going on.

And that's how the news got out: The librarians' tears told the story, while the spineless politicians stealing the people's beautiful library said nothing to the public. Your "open and accountable" government at work!

But once the story was out, Liberal MLA Bill Barisoff -- the current Speaker and supposed "defender" of the legislature -- started his spin cycle. He called me on my cellphone Friday to "clear up any confusion" about the library.

"We're not closing it down," he said. "We have to move the staff out of there to do some seismic upgrading."

Trying to keep the library open during the construction would be expensive and dangerous, he said.

"So once the work is done the library will re-open?" I asked him.

He paused.


What's even more sickening is that the NDP Opposition is apparently going along with this. It looks like they've been bought off with a promise of some marble-walled offices of their own.

What gall these people have. What a shabby and deceitful plan they've concocted. Shame on all of them.

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