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Grannies occupy Victoria recruitment office
Date: Saturday, November 11 2006

Granny occupation.

Although the media was remiss in covering this event, a dozen or more Victoria Raging Grannies yesterday peacefully occupied the recruitment office for the Canadian military in Victoria.

They were supported by some local activists outside the building in their demand that no more Canadian youth, and Afghani civilians, be sacrified to the meat grinder of war.

They were treated with kid gloves by the military police until they made their decision after an hour of occupation to peacefully leave the building by the back door. This was necessary because some one had placed a bicycle lock on the front door and their bolt cutters (Canadian military equipment) were not up to the task of removing the lock.

By the way, if you are worried about CSIS attending your events and filming you, their vehicle on Vancouver Island is a white van with the license number 294-DKN.

CSIS didn't film the Raging Grannies.

From Strong Communities Coalition of B.C.

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