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Suez Crisis Documentary
Date: Thursday, July 13 2006

I saw an EXCELLENT documentary put out by CBC on the Suez crisis last night.

It clearly shows the path we followed from the 1950's to present day in the middle east.

It was quite amazing to see that in the 1950's, Britain was very much like the US, and tried to get the world to let them invade Egypt unilaterally because they hated the Egyptian leader (Nasser) and wanted control of the Suez canal back.

The documentary showed how they sent assassination teams to Egypt to try to take out Nasser, and arranged a back door deal with the Israelis, having them fake an attack on the Suez canal so that they could invade and pretend to be saving it for the world.

The world said NO! particularly the US, and Canada created the UN resolution to form the first UN peacekeeping forces (Lester Pearson). The British soldiers were forced to retreat from Egypt in disgrace.

The only part that was annoying was that the show ended by saying that the current Canadians in Afghanistan are part of that proud vision of Lester Pearson (that the UN should be the world's policeman and be involved in peaceMAKING). Which is absolute NONSENSE. We are in Afghanistan in order to mend fences with the U.S. and be their best buddy again, which is Harper's dream. If we really wanted to make a difference in that country we would be pouring massive amounts of aid in (which I don't think we can afford) to re-build the infrastructure, and teach the people to live in equality. Not driving around in LAV's shooting at warlords in the hills. But it has NOTHING to do with Lester Pearson's vision - the idea of making war obsolete.


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