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Privacy glitch allows easy access to cable-TV subscribers' info
Date: Tuesday, January 17 2006

January 13, 2006

Privacy glitch allows easy access to cable-TV subscribers' info


OTTAWA (CP) - Viewers with cable-television services like the Hustler channel or Red Light District TV might be a little sheepish about their neighbours knowing.

But the Rogers Cable website has long allowed anyone with Internet access to find out which packages and specialty channels - including several adult services - the company's customers enjoy.

The ready availability of such personal information is "completely appalling and unacceptable," said Anne-Marie Hayden, a spokeswoman for federal Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart.

The commissioner's office is looking at initiating a complaint into the matter, which would trigger an investigation under the national privacy law governing businesses, Hayden said.

"Because it does potentially reveal very personal information, the choices that people make - these are personal."

A Rogers executive acknowledged Friday the site could be abused. "And so we have asked our website team to shut down this feature," said Taanta Gupta, vice-president of communications.

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