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The New PCBs?
Date: Tuesday, June 08 2004

We're so smart we're a danger to ourselves. We're so advanced and civilized do you think we're missing the point that nature, the same nature that keeps the insects alive, the wildlife alive, the plant life surviving is what was intended to keep us healthy and alive? Maybe we need to sleep on it.


The new PCBs?

The good thing about polybrominated diphenyl ethers is that they have probably prevented many household items from bursting into flames. The bad thing is that they could be threatening our health. MARTIN MITTELSTAEDT reports


Saturday, June 5, 2004 - Page F7

When thinking about hazardous chemicals, Canadians usually don't consider the mattresses they sleep on, the couches in their living rooms or the hard plastic casings around their computers and television sets.

But all these everyday items may contain compounds that are starting to worry scientists because they are close chemical cousins to the notorious PCBs, banned in the seventies.

The New PCBs

The New PCBs

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