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Deregulated Electricity market
Date: Wednesday, December 10 2003

I read an article regarding a committee that was set up to look into the reasons for the August blackout in the North-east U.S. and parts of Ontario. This committee, called the U.S.-Canadian Power System Outage Task Force does not mention "deregulation" in this report.

These bone-heads don't want to upset the Bush admin because they are so pushy on deregulation that they would be offended.

The area affected by the blackout is the most heavily deregulated area in North America. Not only that, but, and I quote, "the Task Force Electricity System Working Group is stacked with deregulation cheerleaders and beneficiaries".

I would hope that Canada wakes up and installs the type of trip-switch that Quebec has in place, that shuts down the connection to the U.S. in the event the U.S. system goes down. They kept their lights on while most of us were in the dark.

Ontario has some deregulated electricity industries funded by public money, and Dalton McGuinty is being pressured to close these markets. (Put in place by the Tories, of course.)

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