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American student voted illegally in election
Date: Friday, January 27 2006

American student voted illegally in election

Updated Thu. Jan. 26 2006 2:59 PM ET

Saira Peesker, News

The American student who voted in Monday's federal election says Canada needs to be more vigilant in verifying voters' identities.

Peter Cunningham, who attends the University of Toronto, told CTV's Canada AM Thursday his intention wasn't to help elect a certain candidate -- he says he spoiled his ballot -- but to show how easy it is for a foreign citizen to vote.

The idea was spawned while Cunningham, who is from Michigan, was volunteering at a polling station and learned that proof of citizenship was not required for those registering to vote on election day.

He was able to cast a ballot in Toronto's Trinity-Spadina riding with only his student card and a hydro bill as identification -- proving his residency, but not his nationality or his age.

Note: something to think about, this person came forward and made it public, did any others also vote and not declare it?

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