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Nevada Connection to Gambling in Canada
Date: Tuesday, September 27 2005
Topic: International News

Dear Sir / Madam,

A topic of concern to many Canadians is the increase in organized gambling in every province in this country. The connection to Nevada Gaming interests became increasingly evident when gambling interests in Nova Scotia recently completed the purchase of several gambling operations in "their" own province? Until this sale, Caesars of Las Vegas, Nevada was the owner and in control over these operations. How did this Nevada Gambling operator obtain licenses and permission to operate up here in the first place? If this sale doesn't prove there is something terribly amiss, then what will? Did politicians all of a sudden become nervous knowing "Organized Gambling" from Nevada was operating Casino's in Nova Scotia? My God, this fact hardly made the newspapers or the air waves ........ what the hell is going on?
In addition, it was recently reported that a man & his family (who had just received a large WCB settlement) were devastated after he was taken to the cleaners to the tune of $400,000.00! He used multiple mortgages, his credit cards and his WCB money to fund his gambling Nova Scotia Casino's.

The Nova Scotia gaming service provider's staff were fully aware of how this man was funding his gambling, but did nothing to discourage (regardless of signage posted on slot machines and in washrooms) or prevent him from ruining his life! They always maintain "it is the customer's responsibility to play within their limits."

I have written numerous letters to the provincial ministers responsible in Nova Scotia and BC to highlight my concerns. In addition, I have sent letters to federal justice minister Irwin Cotler for his review and possible attention regarding this topic.
I have sent copies of those letters to the RCMP Pacific Region headquarters highlighting my concerns in this province. Newspapers in this area are reluctant to report on this topic because they don't have the resources, personnel or desire to do so. They are frightened from doing so because of not being able to prove any accusations? I can understand their reluctance.

Gambling in Canada has become a huge source of revenue for governments. This revenue goes largely un-reported to Canadians, unless one digs around a bit. There appears to be a nervousness and a reluctance by politicians to speak to this obvious shady form of tax collection ...... but accept it and waste it, they do. It amounts to $$Billions and Billions$$, every year!

Although I cannot prove it, the question has been raised, "how deep does the Nevada gambling interests go into Canadian gambling operations"? Gambling in Nevada has created the ultimate cover-up by telling / convincing us; organized crime has long since been removed from gambling operations in Nevada? They also tell the public that organized crime no longer controls gambling so the "organized professional gaming service consultants" are now free to cross International borders to assist new gaming operations in Canada and throughout the world. Of course they maintain, it is all sanctioned by government, so it has to be legal?

If you believe that one, I have a large steel bridge to sell you although you will have to move it from its present location in Brooklyn, New York!

It is my opinion this problem has created more hidden devastation than we can imagine. The horror stories are not widely reported. A suicide in the city of Kamloops, BC, was directly attributed to gambling losses in this small city in western Canada. Little play was given to this tragic death. How many other deaths have resulted and how many bankrupt Canadians are out there just because of gambling?
I am asking 5th Estate to consider this as a feature story. I am willing to assist if required in any fashion. Organized crime is alive and well in Canada and it isn't just the Hell's Angels who are involved!

Barry Campbell
British Columbia
[phone number withheld]

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