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US Journalist Murdered after Writing Article on US-Bush Supreme Court Nominee Ju
Date: Tuesday, January 17 2006

by Dr Les Sachs

New York Times writer and journalist David E. Rosenbaum was just murdered, a mere matter of days after writing a critical article about US President Bush's Supreme Court nominee Judge Samuel A. Alito, Jr. The article by Rosenbaum helped expose how Alito was long ago an advocate of unrestrained government power.

Web writer Kurt Nimmo wrote an article questioning Rosenbaum's death, and then Kurt Nimmo suddenly terminated his own long-standing website due to death threats. Mr Nimmo seems to have put his web archives back up for a short time, but in any case the Nimmo article does appear on the Jeff Rense website:

The brutal murder of journalist Rosenbaum, needs to be considered in the light of other mysterious violent deaths, such as that of journalist Gary Webb, and that of other people who wound up dead after daring to oppose the Bush gang or the US government and its corruption.

The criminal influence of US judges is indeed the most forbidden and taboo topic in US media.

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