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To Bad For B.C.
Date: Tuesday, July 04 2006

And for Canada. Media Concentration in Canada is well beyond the "threat to democracy" stage. Canwest and Bell have most of Canada covered, with a few other players still holding small parts of the national market but, that won't last long. Asper has already said there's another round of media buy-outs on the way.

Canwest already owns 70% of the BC media market - most people hear nothing but Leonard Asper's view through his various holdings in Radio, Television, and Newspapers, how much more before the politician's start worrying? I'm betting they never will. I think they WANT a single voice pushing propaganda on the populace.

Senators Let Big Media off Hook

Committee's long-awaited report shrugs at CanWest, targets CBC.
By Donald Gutstein
Published: June 29, 2006

In February 2005, the Senate Committee on Transport and Communications visited Vancouver as part of its cross-country study of the Canadian news media. It heard nearly a dozen presentations bemoaning the fact that one company -- CanWest Global Communications -- has a near stranglehold on Vancouver news media. And it heard nearly a dozen complaints that this unprecedented concentration limits the diversity of sources and opinions available to Vancouver news consumers. "Frighteningly powerful" and "debilitating for voices" were how two presenters framed the situation.

So you would expect this outpouring of concern to be reflected in the committee's final report, which was released on June 21.

But you would be wrong. The Liberal-dominated committee -- and the commercial media reporting the study -- go after the CBC instead. The public broadcaster should get out of sports programming and give up its advertising revenues, the committee recommends. They say to replace the advertising dollars with more public dollars: a recommendation that hasn't a hope of being implemented.

The committee wrote that the "core" of its work concerns the "influence on news and information of media ownership in Canada." The senators began looking at the industry after CanWest acquired most of Canada's major dailies and Bell Globemedia took control of the CTV television network and the Globe and Mail.

But the study's release was framed around the alleged failings of Canada's public broadcaster.

The senators did a classic bait-and-switch ploy: say you're going to do one thing and then do something else to take attention away from your original goal. And in this case, their original goal was to examine media concentration.

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