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Results of Martin Liberals battling among themselves will soon be clear
Date: Thursday, January 19 2006

A Victory that Sowed Defeat

The way Paul Martin took over the federal Liberal Party in BC and Canada will likely cost him the 2006 election.

By Bill Tieleman
Published: January 18, 2006

To understand why the federal Liberal Party might be about to lose the 2006 election, you must go back in time to June 23, 1990.

That's the date of the Liberal leadership vote that saw Paul Martin come in a distant second to Jean Chretien and marks the start of an internal party war that has never truly stopped.

Nowhere has that war been fought as fiercely as here in British Columbia. And it will soon rage again as those who succeed in toppling Chretien in 2003 to install Martin as prime minister pay the price for not only political failure, but their arrogance and vicious tactics that alienated many party members.

The results of the federal Liberals battling among themselves will soon be clear, as the "natural governing party" that has been in power for most of the past 100 years is relegated to opposition and Martin is forced to resign the prize he spent 13 long years chasing.

An incoherent and stumbling campaign, a severe shortage of experienced political staff, volunteers and money, and an abundance of bad blood between the Martin and Chretien camps has left the Liberals lurching towards disaster.

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