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U.S. cites 58 Countries, including Canada, for unfair trade barriers
Date: Friday, April 01 2005
Topic: Eye on Uncle Sam

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Wed Mar 30, 7:37 PM ET


WASHINGTON (CP) - The United States on Wednesday accused 61 countries, including Canada, and three regional blocs of significant trade barriers that harm American manufacturers and farmers.

The 672-page report is designed to guide U.S. negotiators over the next year in their efforts to attack barriers seen as doing the most damage to American companies. If direct talks fail to produce results, the government can bring cases before the World Trade Organization to deal with barriers that the U.S. believes violate WTO rules.

"Consultations, negotiations and litigation are among the tools at our disposal and we are using all of them aggressively to make sure that Americans are treated fairly," acting U.S. Trade Representative Peter Allgeier said.

The report has been prepared annually for 20 years under legislation Congress first passed in 1974 to require the executive branch to give an accounting of which countries were erecting the most harmful barriers to U.S. exports.

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