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Air Canada wins new investment
Date: Thursday, June 24 2004

Wasn't Cerberus the company Mulroney was pushing for in the first round of investment bidding? t h e y ' r e b a c k . . . . Also having a German bank involved and Mulroney involved and an airline involved - I don't know it just sets off alarm bells and memories of Airbus affair and shady business dealings.
What kind of a country doesn't own its' transportation systems? I don't think you can be an offical country without that can you?


Canadian Press

Toronto Air Canada has accepted a $250-million investment proposal from New York firm Cerberus Capital Management for a stake in the struggling airline, putting in place one of the final pieces needed for it to complete its restructuring under bankruptcy protection by Sept. 30.

The investment, in addition to the $850-million raised through an equity offering to be underwritten by Deutsche Bank, brings the total equity raised by Air Canada to $1.1-billion.

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