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Former Liberal Ministers Show Their Colours!
Date: Thursday, February 15 2007

Former Liberal Ministers Show Their Colours!

I found a small ray of hope! Canadian Press is reporting (link below) that McLellan, Manley and Cotler are criticizing Stephane Dion because he wants to allow the liberty-stripping legislation called ‘anti-terrorism’ legislation, to lapse. I am hopeful because these people are coming out of the closet and because Mr. Dion is showing a backbone!

I’ve been saying since the beginning that this legislation is the key to the implementation of the NAU. The fact that they are coming out in public so strongly in defence of that legislation and that they are behind the NAU is very revealing. I wrote the following to Mr. Dion and hope others will encourage him also.

Liberal Leader Stephane Dion

House of Commons


RE: Anti-Terrorism Legislation

Dear Mr. Dion

It is reported in the news that you have taken a stand for Canadians’ civil liberties with regard to the anti-terrorism legislation. It is reported that your very important position is being condemned by those who ‘crafted’ it. I would like to commend you on this very patriotic decision.

I am not a Liberal; however, I am a Canadian with serious concerns over the Canadian ‘Patriot Act’.

This quote from the Canadian Press, February 14, 2007 is very revealing: “Former public safety minister Anne McLellan, former finance minister John Manley and former justice minister Irwin Cotler said the measures, introduced in the wake of the 9-11 attacks by their government, should not be allowed to lapse as Liberal Leader Stephane Dion has suggested.”

Ms McLellan lost the confidence of the people in her riding, yet she is reportedly still deeply involved in the North American Union, which the people of Canada are firmly against. At least those who are aware of it and its implications, are against it. She is quoted in this news article, “"They were not created in haste, if what that means is that we did not think about them carefully, craft them carefully...," McLellan said in an interview.”
Those are interesting words. I wrote a lengthy submission to the Senate Committee reviewing those new liberty-stripping laws and it is clear that it was indeed, ‘crafted,’ as she states. While the news source chose to label these individuals as ‘high profile liberals’, I think Canadians would call them infamous, calculating and perhaps anti-Canadian?

It is no surprise that those who crafted the documents in haste, in response to pressure from the U.S. administration, while the country was in shock, would continue to stand by their creation. That legislation is so critical to the success of the North American Union, due to its ability to prevent those who disagree with a political ideology, from speaking out, or gathering together in peaceful protest. It is no surprise that these ‘liberals’ are working with the new alliance, as we saw how easily David Emerson moved from one team to the other in his capacity with these trade deals. Clearly their allegiance is not with a party, or even Canadians, but rather with their own agenda. This is not in the best interest of Canada.

Mr. Dion, not only do those who understand the legislation want it to lapse, we want you and all those in a position of power to repeal all liberty-stripping laws. Further, we desire a full understanding as to why the Canadian people have not been consulted on the Security and Prosperity Agreement, also known as the tool to create fortress America. What right do unelected, unaccountable people such as Ms McLellan and Mr. Manley have to enter into agreements which detrimentally affect the people of this nation? Or attend secret meetings (like the one in Banff last fall), to discuss creating a North American Union to facilitate trade deals at the expense of the people of three nations?

I am aware that your predecessor Mr. Martin signed the first SPP, and that Mr. Harper signed the second, however that should not preclude you from advising the people of Canada of these acts. After full consultation, I expect you will find that many Canadians are aware and vehemently opposed to the loss of our civil rights, the loss of our sovereignty and the loss of confidence in our elected officials. Most Canadians are aware of the victims of the new ‘anti-terrorism’ laws which are responsible for the incarcerations of several men; some dying of starvation because they are not being heard.

I realize you are a new leader and that there is a tremendous amount of responsibility on your shoulders; however, if you dare to stand up to these acts, I believe you will find the Canadian people standing with you. I cannot stress the importance of your taking a stand for all Canadians at this critical time in our history. What is the measure of a man, if not his ability to stand for truth, whether it is popular or not? Canadians do not count our heroes by the number they kill, we count them by the number they enable to thrive! I look forward to your positive response.

Yours truly
Catherine Whelan Costen
Previous President Canadian Action Party

cc: Members of the Public
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