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189M To Send Tanks To Afghanistan: O'Connor
Date: Wednesday, November 08 2006

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Nov. 7, 2006. 09:21 PM

OTTAWA — Canada’s defence minister says it’s costing taxpayers $189 million to send re-enforcements, including Leopard tanks, to Afghanistan to support Canadian troops.
Gordon O’Connor told a House of Commons committee Tuesday night that includes the cost of sending the tanks, a team of engineers and a counter-mortar unit.

“That’s transportation, plus what was necessary to get all the equipment up to standard for operations,” said O’Connor in reply to questions from opposition MPs.

The military announced last summer that the 42-tonne Leopards would be deployed to Afghanistan.

Five of the 42-tonne monsters are already in operation with another 12 to be deployed in the next month.

Some military experts and others have expressed concern the Leopards could further alienate Afghans already suspicious of foreign troops.

During Tuesday’s questioning, Opposition Leader Bill Graham questioned O’Connor on whether recent air strikes and the use of tanks against insurgents hiding in villages is interfering with the delivery of aid to the Afghan people.

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