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Pat Robertson's Gift to Liberals
Date: Monday, October 03 2005

Pat Robertson said the U.S. government should exercise its policy of assassination by taking out Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez. In doing this, Mr. Robertson handed liberals a golden opportunity to get the nation talking about U.S. governmental military involvement in assassinating foreign political leaders - as a U.S. foreign policy formula. It is public knowledge that the U.S. government considered assassinating Saddam (a kind of Frankenstein's monster we helped build via support) as a cheap alternative to regime change in Iraq. But Robertson's broad and general comment exposes a much deeper truth - the government;s (industrial military complex) foreign policy formula - put a bullet in the head of any leader we don't like. Some of the worst dictatorially-repressed regimes are our best economic partners. The U.S. corporate sector has had an economic "love affair" with China - the most dictatorially repressed regime on earth. Besides, Hugo Chavez is a democratically elected, populist president of Venezuela. If only we had a senate full of Hugo Chavez's we could begin to get corporations out of our political arena.

Did Pat Robertson's comments merely suggest that he advocates the assassination of Chavez? Robertson did not say he wanted Chavez assassinated. What Robertson said was that the government can either engage itself in a costly war (like Iraq) which is a financial disaster. Or, it can use its sniper squad to take Chavez out. Therefore, it would a lot cheaper to assassinate Chavez - so Robertson thinks they should go ahead with the cheap method. Liberals, including Hugo Chavez, attacked Robertson for advocating murder but Robertson's comments revealed the very fact that hit squads are ready to go at any moments notice, any place, any target - once they get orders from Washington.

Mr. Robertson publicized this (relatively) hidden factoid and handed liberals a golden opportunity to further publicize governmental/corporate "hit" tactics. To date, Liberals haven't taken advantage of it except to take Mr. Robertson's words out of context.

Let's not drop the ball by killing the messenger instead of exposing the real perpetrator.

Elliot Saunders
Spokesman for Ralph Nader, 2004 Presidential Campaign (
Spokesman for The Truth Commission (
Canadian & U.S. Citizen

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