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Ousted MP Turner prepares to ruffle some feathers
Date: Tuesday, November 14 2006

Ousted MP Turner prepares to ruffle some feathers
Updated Tue. Nov. 14 2006 10:58 AM ET News Staff

Maverick MP Garth Turner says he is certain he will ruffle some feathers after exposing "disturbing" revelations into the workings of the Conservative government.

The former Tory member of Parliament hinted in his Internet blog on Tuesday that he would be discussing the way people are represented in Canada and the way political figures band together.

The Independent MP for Halton, Ont. will be holding a press conference at 2 p.m. ET on Tuesday to reveal what's contained in correspondence between his staff and the prime minister's office since he was ousted from the Conservative caucus.

"My experiences since being elected this time around in January have caused me to think at length about the way people are represented in this country, and the way politicians clump together," Turner said in his blog early Tuesday.

"I can only say this, with clarity: It's not working. When voter turnout is declining, young people feel massively disenfranchised and MPs realize they're increasingly irrelevant, change is required. It can't wait."

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