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Agent Orange use worse’ than thought
Date: Saturday, January 14 2006

January 13, 2006
Agent Orange use worse’ than thought
By Ian Elliot
Kingston Whig Standard

Local News - Friday, January 13, 2006 @ 07:00

A group concerned about the use of toxic Agent Orange and other chemicals by the Canadian military says that the problem is much larger than the government has ever admitted.

Led by Ken Dobbie of Kingston, who was exposed to the defoliant while clearing brush at CFB Gagetown in 1966 as a teenager and is sick to this day, the Agent Orange Association of Canada will announce today that much larger amounts of the chemical than previously acknowledged were used in this country, and that thousands of people were exposed to the spray.

They will make the announcement at Green party candidate Eric Walton’s office this morning. Similar events will take place across the country as the association attempts to turn the spraying and resulting denials into an election issue.

“We are the only democratic nation on Earth that has poisoned its citizens on such a massive scale,” said Dobbie in an interview yesterday.

“I don’t know how the government can fail to acknowledge it. Their denial astounds me, quite frankly.
We have their documents!”

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