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Taxes and corporations
Date: Wednesday, June 09 2004

I was watching CPAC this morning, and they were showing a repeat of yesterday's program that used a simulcast with CIUT FM, a radio program out the University of Toronto.

Many folks from across the country called in and I was so frustrated because as it was a repeat, I was forced to sit and watch, even though many items I am familiar with and excited about were being discussed.

I would have sat on the phone for 2 hours if I could have, but man, it was killing me !! I'm sure you all know how I get into the heat of the moment by now.

Okay, my point:

A caller made the following comment, and I would like your opinion on it.

First he said that the wealthy don't want the best, they want it all. All the land, all the forests, all the oil, and he went on for quite a list of items.

He's right. They do want it all, as if it's their right to have it all, like they have done down through the centuries.

Next came the clincher:

In 1950 Canadian taxpayers paid about 47% of all taxes. The corporations paid about 46% of all taxes.

In 1993, Canadian taxpayers paid about 94% of all taxes. The corporations paid about 6% of all taxes.

(have no real proof of this, but the caller said these numbers were right from Revenue Canada).

Comments please ??

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