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One Entire Palestinian Family Wiped Out
Date: Friday, November 10 2006

One Entire Palestinian Family Wiped Out
Rivers of Blood and Body Parts Shattered Every Where

Hayam Noir

PalestineFreeVoice Novembre 8 2006 - Time 08.15 am

We become more and more convinsed as we observe the ongoing carnage in the Palestinian northen Gaza Strip town Biet Hanoun- that the "Israelis" Jewish psychosis is turning to a state of acute. How else does one explain their copiously destructive violence that shows no scruple or restrain.The profoundly disturbing disregard for Palestinian lifes, including innocent children and women - and consistently, bizarrely revealed coments from official " Israelis "and the crazy, unpredictable rage from the " Israeli military " directed at the Palestinian population- instead of searching for stability, co-existence and peace !

This early morning the Gaza Hospitals are again filled with hundreds of dead and wounded - the sight inside the town of Biet Hanoun reveal a carnage - unbeliveable horror it looks like an earth-crack !

One intire family the Et- Athamna family of 11 are murdered in this mornings attack. The red lines are passed long agoe - 18 Martyrs and most of them are children - more than 35 are injured - there are bodyparts spreed everywhere, arms, legs, flesh and blood - and toys drenched in blood from murdered children.


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