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Briton tortured into confessing bomb plot: lawyer
Date: Tuesday, November 21 2006

Please note that this story is directly connected to an Ottawa computer software developer named Momin Khawaja who stands accused of aiding an accused group of alleged terrorists in the UK - one of these men is Salahuddin Amin who is accusing his accusers of torturing him into making a false confession. History teaches us that the only known use of torture is to extract false confessions. When torture is officially endorsed by governments, it instantly perverts the entire justice system and invalidates any sense of justice even when torture is not used because anyone can rightly argue that they've been tortured, and even when they do not argue that point, we all still must wonder.

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Briton tortured into confessing bomb plot: lawyer

LONDON (Reuters) - A British Muslim falsely confessed to planning to bomb several high-profile English landmarks after being tortured and subjected to degrading conditions in Pakistan, his defense lawyer said on Tuesday.

Salahuddin Amin, 31, was subjected to "inhumane" treatment

by the Pakistani Intelligence Service (ISI) during 10 months of incarceration, Patrick O'Connor told a London court.

The torture took place with the knowledge of British intelligence agencies although no British agents were actually involved or witnessed it, he said.

Amin is one of seven British Muslims accused of planning to make explosives out of ammonium nitrate fertilizer to bomb pubs, clubs, trains, a shopping centre and synagogues.

O'Connor said Amin, who also holds Pakistani nationality, had been deprived of all "basic human rights" while in custody in Pakistan in 2004.

Such treatment had caused Amin to make confessions, which were not detailed in court, to British police on his arrest in February last year on arriving back in London, he added.

"His confessions in London were untrue. They were largely a repetition of what he had been facing (and) confessed in Pakistan during these 10 months," O'Connor said.

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