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Number of "homegrown" Canadian extremists increasing
Date: Friday, November 25 2005

Jihadists born here pose new threat
Hard to detect, CSIS says

Stewart Bell
National Post

TORONTO - Counter-terrorism investigators are finding an increasing number of "homegrown" Canadian extremists like those who bombed the London transit system in July, and some have undergone training inside Canada, a new report says.

A "secret" intelligence study obtained by the National Post says a "high percentage" of the Canadian Muslims involved in extremist activities were born in Canada, a marked shift from the past when they were mostly refugees and immigrants.

"Increasingly, we are learning of more and more extremists that are homegrown," says the Canadian Security Intelligence Service document, adding that the "Canadianness" of the new generation makes them more difficult to detect.

"These radicalized Canadians are involved in a wide range of extremist activities, including downloading and translating documents from the Internet that promote violence, networking and physically training for jihad," it says.

Converts are fast becoming a major worry to security authorities. Officials fear an overzealous convert to Islam's radical fringe may try to prove his devotion by staging a terrorist attack in Canada.

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