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Saddam Hussein Captured
Date: Sunday, December 14 2003

Generally I don't do site updates on weekends, but this news warranted an exception. (I've reviewed and posted all submissions as well today).-Ed.

Iraq: Saddam Hussein Captured Near Tikrit

[Radio Free Europe, Dec. 14]

Prague, 14 December 2003 (RFE/RL) -- Deposed Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, who has eluded coalition forces for eight months, was captured on 13 December in a massive operation in Al-Dawr, located some 15 kilometers south of Tikrit.

Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) head L. Paul Bremer made the announcement at a 14 December press conference in Baghdad, saying, "Ladies and gentlemen, we got him." "For decades hundreds of thousands of you suffered at the hands of this cruel man. For decades, Saddam Hussein divided you citizens against each other. For decades he threatened and attacked your neighbors. Those days are over forever," Bremer said.

U.S. commander Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez told the same press conference that 600 soldiers from the U.S. 4th Infantry Division, along with Special Forces, engineers, and air support launched Operation Red Dawn in the early evening hours, having identified two possible locations, codenamed Wolverine One and Wolverine Two.

Soldiers were acting on an "actionable intelligence" that came earlier in the day, Sanchez said. He also told reporters that "a combination of human intelligence tips, exceptional intelligence, analytical efforts, and detainee interrogations" in recent weeks helped locate the whereabouts of Hussein. U.S. forces did not initially find Hussein at the two suspected locations, but later found him after cordoning off the area and conducting an intensive search, Sanchez said.

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Saddam Hussein Captured Near Tikrit

Saddam Hussein Captured...

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