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A case for Poverty
Date: Sunday, December 28 2003

When Mike Harris won his first election, he cut social benefits by 20%, then gave his band of merry monkeys a 30% wage increase. This was to be followed up by a further 25% increase after the last Ontario election, and Dalton McGuinty actually agreed to this.

It was cancelled due to public outcry. After all, they are still getting a 3% wage increase every year anyway.

If we all stuck to the cost of living increase for our regular wage increases, we wouldn't have inflation as bad as in the past. Only when you get a promotion should you get a larger wage increase.

Consider this: more than 12,000 Ontario public workers earned more than $100,000 in 2002, and the person in charge of Ontario Works (welfare) earned more than $8,600 per month. Some workers earn as much as $500,000 or more per year, so my suggestion is this:

How about the government cut worker wages by 20%, and then give that 20% back to the people that are trying to live on $520 a month, or in the case of the disabled, $900+ a month.

It worked for Air Canada, they took a pay cut to keep the costs down, even though the Ceo and his band of merry mercenaries gave themselves huge bonuses. What else is new ? That's corporate logic for you.

We have a deficit. Cut wages and apply it to the debt. Give the poorest of the poor a raise, and they will be able to feed and clothe themselves and their children, but they will also be able to make a small contribution to the economy, and create jobs. They would pay PST, raising governent revenues, further reducing the debt.

If everyone had a little money in their pocket, our economy would pick up at a faster rate.

Wouldn't that be beneficial to everyone ??

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