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Decade of Defiance
Date: Thursday, September 27 2007
The Decade of Defiance
That Began It All
Jim Kirwan

August 6, 1945 marked more than the first public smashing of the atom: That was the moment when the power-hungry issued their ultimate challenge to the natural world that reverberates to this day through every facet of what remains of human society.

In that decade that this crime against nature ushered in, all the components of the modern world were re-formed to create an impossible-imbalance between nations and peoples around the world. On one side were the special-interests of the New World Order and on the other-was everything that was reaching for a better life, in a world that had grown sick of pointless wars.

WWII was only the second act by the Money-Changers in their race to corner so much of what societies had always assumed was a natural part of each nation's individual life-but with the dropping of the atom bombs upon Japan-everything radically changed.

On June 26, 1945 the United Nations Charter was signed by fifty countries in San Francisco. Ostensibly this would give the world's smaller nations a voice in world affairs that might one day mitigate against those previous global power-plays that had dragged the world into two world wars. Yet, given the rest of this Forgotten-Decade-of-Defiance: this was only the beginning of the real imbalance between two of the world's most unruly powers and the rest of the planet...

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