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Uncle Sam Wants You, Eh?
Date: Friday, December 26 2003

The Village Voice reports that the US military has tried to recruit on Indian reserves in Canada.

According to an unnamed Ministry of Defence report mentioned in the article, "the U.S. claimed that under the 1794 Jay Treaty it had the right to recruit Canadian native inhabitants for its military because aboriginal Canadians held dual U.S.-Canadian citizenship."

See "Uncle Sam Wants You, Eh?"

According to the article, an official from Foreign Affairs and International Trade told the Vancouver Sun, "As a result of our interaction with the U.S. embassy, a letter was sent from the director, Joint Chiefs of Staff in Washington, to the vice chiefs of the U.S. military services, reminding them that their recruiters are to refrain from entering Canadian territory." Maybe they just forgot. The article goes on to tell Canadian readers that Haliburton and 90+ other companies are "engaged around the world in recruiting private armies, which then are leased out to governments like those of the U.S. and Great Britain." Something you probably didn't think to ask for for Christmas.

High unemployment and other outrageous social conditions have already helped the US meet some of its military requirements by exploitng its own citizens. I've been wondering where Canadians fit in the paramilitary phenomenon. Here in the Kootenays, Sinixt people were declared "extinct for the purposes of the Indian Act" in 1956. This sort of official drivel makes them vulnerable to high-maintenance predators like Haliburton and the Bush Administration even if global domination isn't a meaning-of-life issue for them.

"Uncle Sam Wants You, Eh?"

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