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What do you all think of Little Mosque on the Prairie?
Date: Friday, January 12 2007

Globe and Mail Update

Little Mosque on the Prairie, the new CBC comedy about Muslims living in a small prairie town, generated tons of conversation and hype before it even premiered on Tuesday night.

The show's creator, Zarqa Nawaz, kindly agreed to join The Globe and Mail for an online discussion Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. EST. Your questions and Ms. Nawaz's answers will appear at the bottom of this page.

The inspiration for the show's storylines comes from the real-life experiences of Ms. Nawaz, the creator, consulting producer and writer. She was born in Liverpool, raised in Toronto, and moved to Regina ten years ago with her husband and children.

"I think people are assuming because of the title and the subject matter that it's going to be really controversial and political. But it's just a comedy that happens to have Muslim people in it, and it's meant to make people laugh," Ms. Nawaz said before the show's premiere. "It's about relationships and human interactions and life in a rural setting. But it's really the first comedy of its kind in North America, and that's why it's so intriguing."

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