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Health Care Costs and the Job Flight to Canada
Date: Wednesday, April 20 2005

As one can see 'our' health system isn`t so bad.If big ol DEEtroit is asking for gggg...g government hhh.....hh...elp.
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So much does General Motors love Canada's socialized, taxpayer-funded "single-payer" health care system, that the company's top executives in Canada, along with the top execs of Ford, Chrysler and a host of other U.S.-owned subsidiaries in Canada, actually have been lobbying the provincial and federal government to expand the system to include other services such as pharmacy and home health care-and to increase funding of what is known in Canada as "Medicare."

Just two years ago, GM Canada's CEO Michael Grimaldi sent a letter co-signed by Canadian Autoworkers Union president Buzz Hargrave to a Crown Commission considering reforms of Canada's 35-year-old national health program which said, "The public health care system significantly reduces total labour costs for automobile manufacturing firms, compared to their cost of equivalent private insurance services purchased by U.S.-based automakers." That letter also said it was "vitally important that the publicly funded health care system be preserved and renewed, on the existing principles of universality, accessibility, portability, comprehensiveness and public administration," and went on to call not just for preservation but for an "updated range of services." CEOs of the Canadian units of Ford and DaimlerChrysler wrote similar encomiums endorsing the national health system.

"The Canadian plan has been a significant advantage for investing in Canada," says GM Canada spokesman David Patterson.

[Editor's note: General Motors is the largest health care provider in the US. They actually have more employees on the health care side of the company than on the vehicle manufacturing side, and the health care side is larger and more profitable than the vehicle manufacturing side. DailmerChrysler reference removed Dr.C]

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