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This is the Fight of our Lives
Date: Thursday, June 17 2004

A rather lengthy but powerful speech by Bill Moyers. Where will we all be once the honest-to-goodness journalists are long gone? It seems journalists are now trained to be marketers and entertainers rather than news gatherers.

This piece outlines where Canada is heading. As far as Corporate greed is concerned there is no distiction between Canada and the US.


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This is the Fight of Our Lives

by Bill Moyers

Keynote speech

Inequality Matters Forum

New York University

June 3, 2004

"The middle class and working poor are told that what's happening to them is the consequence of Adam Smith's 'Invisible Hand.' This is a lie. What's happening to them is the direct consequence of corporate activism, intellectual propaganda, the rise of a religious orthodoxy that in its hunger for government subsidies has made an idol of power, and a string of political decisions favoring the powerful and the privileged who bought the political system right out from under us."

-- Bill Moyers, Keynote speech, June 3, 2004

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