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MRI's under utilized
Date: Saturday, December 06 2003

After reading about the crisis in MRI management in Ontario, I ask the following:

It seems we have a severe shortage of radiologists in Ontario, to the tune of 150 in the Toronto area alone.

I recently had to stay in the Minden hospital for 1 1/2 days and a large sign on the wall pointed out the seriousness of this shortage.

Since we have such a shortage, we cannot keep the waiting lists down, and we are not operating these machines around the clock like we should be doing.

Private clinics are not the answer, they are poaching (stealing) radiologists away from the hospitals.

My suggestion is that for those that want a guarantee of a decent job, take the training for these positions.

I'm too old to do this or I would in a minute.

There are jobs out there, and our health system is ailing, so let's become part of the solution.

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