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For U.S. Right, Canada Is the Great White Hope
Date: Thursday, February 09 2006

For U.S. Right, Canada Is the Great White Hope

Bill Berkowitz

OAKLAND, California, Feb 8 (IPS) - Paul Weyrich, widely considered one of the founding fathers of the United States' modern conservative movement, is looking north these days with hopes that Prime Minister Stephen Harper's newly elected government will transform the social and political landscape of Canada.

To help insure Harper's victory -- or at least not provide any unwanted distractions from his campaign -- Weyrich, who heads a Washington-based think tank called the Free Congress Foundation, sent out an email a few days before the Jan. 23 election advising his U.S. comrades to steer clear of the "left-wing Canadian media".

"Canadian voters have been led to believe that American conservatives are scary and if the Conservative party can be linked with us, they can perhaps diminish a Conservative victory," the email warned.

After Harper's victory in an election Weyrich found "exciting to watch", he penned a story for his organisation's website describing both pessimistic and optimistic scenarios that could result from the election's outcome.

According to Weyrich, conservative pessimists told him that since they lack a parliamentary majority, the best Harper can do is to "adopt a more reasonable view of the United States and to correct some premises of Cultural Marxism, which Canadians have espoused, such as same-sex marriage and abortion-on-demand".

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